Sunday, 12 April 2015

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She Faked'tit | #NOTlistening

Ep.165 - She Faked'tit BRAND NEW #NOTlistening Podcast

Recalling the Fake Tit

In the newest #NOTlistening Podcast we look back on the old Arnie film "Total ReCall" and wonder how crazy it actually is. Also in the new podcast we cover all films from Film chat to science discussions to comedy skits to keep you entertained.
In this Episode, we cover
- Michael Caine Intro's

- Drunken Science with Ash and Onions

- Ash looks back on both "Total ReCall" Movies with extra boob

- The Really Reel News (courtesy of The Really Reel Show)

- Why do we say "twelve"?

- Essex Girl Jessica goes to a Funeral in #JESSsaying

- Science Ash delves into the world of Salt in the Sea

- We interview Michael Jackson in his new home in Wales somewhere

Check it out. A NSFW (Not safe for Work) Podcast that will keep you entertained during your commute, work day, time alone on the toilet.

Featuring Regular Contributors Adam, Will, Ash and Rita.
With additional contribution from Kate Willis and Amy Lee
Music written and Performed by Mat Frost

The #NOTlistening Podcast
NOT Just another comedy podcast......
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