Monday, 25 May 2015

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Celeb-Twitty | #NOTlistening

Ep.170 - Celeb-Twitty! A Special version of the podcast featuring a special feature from a recent CCR Drive at 5 show.

Recently on my Radio Show CCR Drive at 5 on Chelmsford Community Radio (#CCR), me and my Monday Co Host Ginny, recorded a Bank Holiday Special and in doing so we trialled a NEW on air game to play.
The Game was called "Celeb-Twitty" and it had a simple premise.
  1. Pick 3 Celebs on Twitter
  2. Pick 3 of their Tweets
  3. See if the other person can work out who the celeb is from these Tweets
  4. If you lose, You must face a forfeit.
Simple! I am sure it's been done before, but regardless, we put our own spin on it.

So, Myself and Ginny played this out over the course of the show and had a lot of fun trying to "out-do" each other.
In this Episode of The | #NOTlistening Podcast Ep.170  - Celeb-Twitty | I edited together the game from the CCR Drive at 5 show that aired. (If you would like to listen to the whole show you can HERE at the Mixcloud).

Listen along and see if YOU can guess who the celebs are.....obviously before we announce who they......or if you haven't already heard the show when it went live on the radio.

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