Friday, 15 May 2015

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DC Legends of Tomorrow | #NOTgeeky

DC TV shows are hitting an all time HIGH! Check these shows out.

You're Not Heroes.......You're Legends

So, Arrow and The Flash......DC Comics has really taken over the television world (Gotham, being DC but very much a separate on FOX in the US) and really captured that connection the marvel universe has in the movie world.
We all know DC have a MOVIEverse sorted for the upcoming "Batman V Superman" leading into the "Justice League" saga, BUT on the old idiot box it is a very different story and not a "Batfleck" in sight.

In the past few years, DC comic book shows have taken a massive step forward and actually got to a point where they can have their own little "TVverse".
"Arrow" kicked it off by spinning off "The Flash" which in turn has spun off...."Legends of Tomorrow"

So...we are living in a world where we can have 3 TV shows all connected to each other,much like the way comic books are. We have 3 shows that have the opportunity to share a world, characters and stories without taking away anything from their main storyline,
I am such a fan of this crazy way of TV making and after "Arrow" and "The Flash" announced they were creating a spin off from BOTH of their shows combined, I was mega excited and intrigued to see what,and how, it was going do and work.

"The Legends of Tomorrow" is the NEW show to run along side "Arrow" and "The Flash". Completing a holy trinity of DC TV Shows. I am actually unsure of the date of the show being aired, seeing as both Arrow and Flash are closing up their seasons, BUT the ambition to continue to create this world is exciting indeed.

Here is the FIRST LOOK at "DC's Legends of Tomorrow"

The things I really loved about this Trailer were:
  • Bringing together a group of characters that always ate up scenery in their previous outings......Yes I am looking at Captain Cold here!
  • Creating a TV Avengers! A Group of talented and exciting people to save the world.
  • Bringing Back Sarah as The "White Canary" after a very prominent "Arrow" Storyline.
  • Having Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell as Series Regulars. These two will simply steal the show! 
  • Finally getting to The ATOMS main feature!.....Shrinking!
  • Introducing "HawkGirl"........We need to see this!
  • Arthur Darvill as "Rip Hunter" the TIME COP is great!

There is SOOOOO much to discuss about this show, but it is still early doors for it......But that has not stopped me from getting excited about it!

ALSO......CBS dropped another Trailer to a new show from DC that "Will" connect or finds links "Arrow" and "The Flash" very soon.
"SUPERGIRL" got its first look recently and if I am being truthfully honest..........I LOVED IT!

Melissa Benoist is a great choice as "SuperGirl" and the sneak preview really showcases a style and tone of the show that will be fun to watch. The beginning was like the SNL "Black Widow Parody they made....BUT after a few minutes, it showed that the show is ready to be fun and exciting. 
I could be wrong, but I hope Supergirl is a show that knows its audience and doesn't take itself too seriously.

Regardless.....I loved seeing Melissa Benoist in her outfit!

So, are you looking forward to these future shows? Let me know.

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