Saturday, 2 May 2015

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#GIRLspiration with @IamJustLish | @MataDeHerrera

New #GIRLspiration from @IamJustLish about good friend of hers.

#GIRLspiration is HERE! These posts feature fellow bloggers out there and the "Girls" that inspire them in their everyday life. It's a bit of fun and froth.

Today we let blogger Sarah answer the silly questions I put forth to her. Check out Lish on Twitter @IamJustLish 
Today Lish chose somebody she has only met a few times, but has left a lasting impression on her.

So Take it away Lish....

1. Who is your #GIRLspiration and Why? How does she inspire you?
My #GIRLspiration is one of my besties, Donna Taylor aka @MataDeHerrera on twitter. First of all, she’s a single mother. ‘Nuff said right? He husband was abusive and cheating on her with someone she considered a friend. She took her teenage daughter, who has Asperger’s, and nothing else and left him. It’s been a tough road for her and her daughter, but she continues plugging away everyday. She has also found a talent for graphic art and has been working to hone her talent on her own time. She’s built a great twitter following for herself and has even landed freelance work. How could I not be inspired by this woman when I was going through my own tough times? She left everything she had behind with her abusive husband to forge a new life for herself and her daughter.

2. You and your #GIRLspiration are stuck in a lift together. What do you ask her? How do you act? how would you react in this situation?
Well since we’re besties we’d have no trouble coming up with things to talk about while being stuck in a lift. She’s an avid Manchester United fan while I’m an avid Liverpool fan so we would probably spend a good amount of time arguing over who is the better team and why. I think we’d make it like a “girls night in”…gossiping, arguing over footy, having a laugh. We’d have to have one rule though…no farting. There is no farting on lifts!

3. What is your #GIRLspiration 's style? Do you try and copy it? Summarize her style in a few words.
As far as GIRLspiration style goes…it’s all about comfort. Especially when she’s not working. This is pretty compatible with my own style. When I’m not in public…even when I am in public…it’s all about the yoga pants! I don’t have to copy her style. We pretty much have the same style. Except my goal in life is to get her in a real dress…just once!

4. Your #GIRLspiration comes to you crying and drunk after her split from a certain person! What advice and words of consolment would you give her?
Well she doesn't drink so she wouldn't be drunk. I’d grab the Kleenex box, a pint of her fave ice cream, and we’d hate all over the bastard until her tears were all gone.

5. You get a Film role opposite Your #GIRLspiration! What is the film about and what is your role?
Zombie apocalypse movie and I’d be “the glue that held the group together” because according to my GIRLspiration that’s just what I do. She’d be our resident doctor/nurse/healer. Because that’s what she does. J

6. Finally. How does your #GIRLspiration make you feel better about yourself?
My GIRLspiration is always honest with me so I never have to wonder if she’s being real. She also knows when I’m feeling insecure to give me an extra boost. When I need correction, look terrible, or do a crap creative job (drawing, meme, etc) she gently guides me in the right direction, but maintains honesty and objectivity.

Now it is YOUR turn to answer the Questions! Pick a #GIRLspiration and email me the answers to the Q's above and I'll get you on the blog!!
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