Monday, 18 May 2015

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Silent Hills and Alan Wake 2 RIP, Just Cause 3, Mad Max & more! | #NOTplaying #77

On this week's show we contemplate what Telltale and Marvel working together might mean for gaming, we talk about the recent gameplay footage of Avalanche's two imminent open-world games (Just Cause 3 & Mad Max) and we discuss the rumours of which direction the next Mass Effect game might be taking. We also have some news on some games we most definitely will #NOT be playing any time soon.... (RIP Silent Hills and Alan Wake 2). All this and more on another game-stuffed #NOTplaying Podcast!

Telltale making games with Marvel

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

Shadow of the Beast Remake (PS4 exclusive)

Just Cause 3 Gameplay Trailer

Mad Max Gameplay Trailer

2 big expansions coming to the witcher 3

Kingdom come: deliverance to show next alpha at e3, now on course for a summer 2016 release, early access beta before that...

Mass Effect 4 leak

Alan Wake 2 gameplay (what might have been)

Silent Hills no longer happening

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