Wednesday, 6 May 2015

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True Detective, Twin Peaks & Preacher | #NOTwatching #48

On this week's show we talk about that first True Detective season 2 trailer, David Lynch walking away from Showtime's Twin Peaks follow-up/reboot and follow-up our conversation a few weeks ago regarding the return of the X-Files, now that information on it has become more set in stone. There's also the usual release date and casting news, including who will play the leading roles in AMC's long-in-development Preacher Pilot. All this & more on another TV-focussed #NOTwatching Podcast.

True Detective Season 2 Teaser

Lynch walks away from Twin Peaks reboot

New X-Files could start shooting this summer - Duchovny and Anderson on board

More arrested development on its way

Constantine cancelled

Orange is the New Black renewed for Season 4 (Season 3 hasn't even started yet)

Preacher casting - Ian Colletti as Arseface

Ruth Negga as Tulip

Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy

Bruce Campbell will play Ronald Reagan in Fargo season 2

Vikings Extras needed

Clarkson getting sacked, might go to Netflix

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