Wednesday, 10 June 2015

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Mad Max: Fury Road, It Follows & more... | #NOTwatching #52

It's been out a few weeks now, but George Miller's return to the post apocalyptic wasteland is still riding high in the Box Office charts. Why? Because it's pretty much what cinema was invented for? Probably. Because it's redefines the entire action movie genre? Almost certainly. Because it's a visual feast of a movie that will have you grinning like a idiot for it's entire duration? Easily. Suffice it to say we kinda liked this movie a bit. OK, maybe a lot. Like the film itself however, it's not all about Mad Max. We also have time to delve into the masterful horror of It Follows, the Keanu Reeves action-comeback of John Wick & Alex Garland's ingenious directorial debut, Ex Machina. It's all about the movies on this week's #NOTwatching Podcast!

Mad Max: Fury Road

It Follows

John Wick

Ex Machina

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