Monday, 1 June 2015

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Su,Su,Suicide Squad | #NOTlistening

Ep.172 - Su,Su,Suicide Squad. We have a little look at the upcoming suicide squad our own little way.


Another Exciting #Podcast for you to enjoy! Check it out.

In the latest | #NOTlistening Podcast Ep.172 - Su-Su-Suicide  | we had a little chat about next years DC film "The Suicide Squad". Alot has come out on this film over the past few months and I for one am mega geeking out about this.

In the latest episode Adam, Will and Ash discussed a few of the characters that are used for The Suicide Squad and how much do we actually know about them?
I was always aware of them via The TV show "Arrow" but this new film has really intrigued me. The film seems to be building up some great promotion and word of mouth after it keeps getting "leaked" online.....Obviously filming on public streets in Toronto is difficult to keep secret.

In doing so they have caught out some great shots including:
  • The Joker slapping "Pre Harley Quinn" Harley Quinn
  • Batman riding the roof of the "jokermobile"
  • Killer Croc in full prosthetic suit
  • Harley Quinn brandishing a baseball bat

and I am sure this will continue until the filming has finished. Until then......I Can't wait for the DC universe stuff to be released.

Check out the Podcast and hear our thoughts on The Suicide Squad Line up in our own unique way.

Director David Ayer tweeted this to announce that they are moving off the streets and into the secret behind the scenes filming part of production.......Now I want to see stuff MORE!!!
Check it out. A NSFW (Not safe for Work) Podcast that will keep you entertained during your commute, work day, time alone on the toilet.

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