Wednesday, 10 June 2015

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Talking "Zombeavers" with Actress Cortney Palm

I managed to grab a chat with Cortney Palm, the star of the film "Zombeavers" here on The #NOTlistening Website.

Dam Those Beavers

Recently I discovered a film that really caught my eye. The film is called "Zombeavers" and it's a instant "Cult Classic". I was lucky enough to grab an interview with the star of the movie CORTNEY PALM (@cortneypalm5) and have a little chat about the film and her a little bit about herself.

Before that, why not check out the Trailer for ZOMBEAVERS

Hi Cortney. Thanks for chatting to me. How's life the other side of the ocean? 

Hey There! Thanks for the interview! Life is peachy here!

So, let's get to it. Can you explain what "Zombeavers" is all about

Zombeavers is a horror-comedy, and let's not forget the COMEDY! Director Jordan Rubin wanted to pay tribute to 80's horror films, so look out for references to Jaws, Camp Crystal Lake, Gremlins and more. The story revolves around three college girls who go to a cabin by the lake for the weekend, when the boyfriend's show up and the beavers come out to.... play.

Being a Brit, we don't have many beavers in this country. So I suppose as an Englishman watching this I am now extra petrified of Beavers. I now have the same feeling towards them, much like how I felt about sharks after "Jaws" and "Russell Crowe" after Les Miserable. Are you now extra wary of beavers? 

You're too funny! Russell Crowe got me too! Anyway, I was in Idaho last year and saw beavers across a river. I don't know anything about beavers but I may have a slight irrational fear about swimming near them. But as a woman who lives a vegan lifestyle and as an animal lover, I respect all creatures and will respect their space. However, I didn't make an effort to go pet them and I won't be swimming near them any time soon.

The Film is getting some pretty good air time over here in the UK, thanks to Sky Movies championing it on their premiere channel. Do you think certain audiences "get" the humour of the film more than others? The film is very tongue in cheek.

Yes, thanks Sky Movies! I think that people should know what they're getting in to when turning on a movie like Zombeavers; however, there are those who don't quite understand the purpose behind the film and that the content is lewd but it's something to laugh at and not take seriously. Although, we all worked our asses off making the picture. 

When watching the film I really enjoyed the 70's/80's vibe about it. It reminded me of a "Critters" style movie. Very Eli Roth inspired it felt. 

That was definitely our director's intent. Eli is actually in the credits "special thanks: section if I am not mistaken.

Who would win a battle between "Critters" and "Zombeavers"? 

I don't know, but those critters are freakin' scary!

I even made a FAKE audio trailer for a movie called "Badger Gale"....
BADGER GALE Trailer (audio)


That was quite entertaining! I think it is high time for the badger's to take back their territory, humans take over everything. haha.

I looked through your filmography and two films lept out at me. "Silent Night" which I have seen and enjoyed and "SUSHI girl" which, from the trailer looks amazing. What were they like to shoot?

Sushi Girl was interesting because I was pretty much a featured background player each day, unmoving, unblinking, barely breathing, until my scene where Sushi Girl pretty much dominates! I loved working with the cast, they were quite amazing. Silent Night had the same SFX team as Sushi Girl, so it was fun being around familiar faces and getting thrown into a wood chipper by a deranged Santa. 

What would your ideal role be? Either in an existing film or one you would create for you. 

I love strong character pieces and I also love doing acrobatic stunts. A goal would to be in something like Tomb Raider or Underworld and also something like Sunshine Cleaning or Pride and Prejudice.

What can we expect to see from you in the future? maybe Zombeavers 2? 

I have an artsy indie film Tourbillon, an Asian fighting film where I play a detective Bond: Kizuna, a found footage horror film Blood Moon, I play a billionaire CEO in Hellevator Man and a few others in post-production and pre-production. I am looking to climb into TV and hopefully will land something I am excited about soon. In regards to Zombeavers 2, I have no idea, but I do remember the writers wanting to bring me, Cortney Palm, back... whether I am Zoe or her twin sister. . . 

Thank you Cortney for chatting with me. All the best with the future. 

Thank you so much for the interview! Peace!


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