Sunday, 12 July 2015

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Things YOU wanna know about Batman V Superman

What do YOU need to know about the newest Batman V Superman trailer?

It's HERE!! The Bat vs The Cape!

I LOVE San Diego Comic Con! FOUR Days of teasers, trailers, clips and news concerning some of the most anticipated geek movies and tv shows out right now.

Finally, today we got to see and hear MORE about the upcoming
"Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" movie.

After the first teaser trailer, which seemed to focus more on Batman, we got a 3 plus minute trailer that showed us A LOT more than I expected. We can now see the way the story is going to go, what direction it is heading and what the part some of the characters will be playing in this lead up to a bigger DC Justice League world.

So, what did the trailer tell us?


The final act of "Man of Steel" saw Superman and Zod battle it out in the city and destroying buildings with little or no care for any citizens that may have been injured or hurt. The two Alien's pretty much fought a battle forgetting that innocent people around them could easily perish. Now in big blockbusters, this is usually something that happens. Building get demolished and we never usually see normal citizens perish, unless it is for dramatic effect. Think back through many car chases in busy streets and watch the amount of damage they do to innocent driver's vehicles, I mean think of that poor guys insurance claim!.

So, the start of the newest trailer makes this a key factor in to "HOW" Superman fits in to this world. By the looks of it, many people died during the battle with Zod, including people close to Bruce Wayne. The Scene where Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) is rushing towards to dust in the city, begins with our knowledge of his motivation in wanting to stop Superman.
Thank God they are referencing this whole thing, because hopefully it'll shut up the people who kept complaining about the end of "Man of Steel" and it will all be answered here.


Already we know that this ISN'T a new Batman origin story. This isn't the rise of Batman! This is going to be the resurgence of Batman. We are going to see a Bruce Wayne who has had several years as The Bat and over those years lots and lots of battles, deaths and run in's with certain villains.
The aftermath of "Man of Steel" looks to bring an older Bruce Wayne back to the cape in order to either avenge or simply stop, what he is believing to be an Alien who shouldn't be here. It's sounding oh so very political I know.

Judging by some "cryptic" clues and graffiti placed over his suit in the trailer, I am predicting a lot of references to The Joker (Jared Leto) who we probably won't see until "The Suicide Squad" but will be used as device to show us how much Bruce Wayne and Batman have been through.

The Vigilante aspect will still be running high within this film, obviously gearing up for future Batman's, one which will be Directed and Written by Affleck himself, which may or may not be a prequel, we don't know yet. We already know he will be appearing in "The Suicide Squad" so the whole BATMAN VS JOKER battle looks to be the future for parts of this DC universe.


In "Man of Steel" Clark Kent/Superman (Henry Cavill) is continuously told by his adopted earth father Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) that earth needs heroes like him, but he has to be patient when to stand up. The theme of alien/higher powered beings coming to earth and simply having too much power is a constant thread that has been plaguing the comic book series. In this film it looks like it is a major plot point that will continue to carry over to the other films, such as Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot)!

The whole idea of dividing their views on whether or not we should allow this much power in our life seems to be a soap box for Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) to stand on and dictate his opinions from. Lex Luthor, being one of the most commonly known Superman villains, seems to be the main antagonist in this film, even though we are all fully aware that Batman and Superman will have to stop fighting each other soon and band together. I mean in the trailer we see Wonder Woman in full superhero mode fighting, and I am betting you she isn't fighting either Supes or the Bat. A Bigger threat will emerge in this film towards to the end ( I am betting on Doomsday ) but we will have to wait on that revelation.


It's been well known for months that one of the key scenes and story elements of this film are based on parts of "The Dark Knight Returns" by Frank Miller. I love that story and am glad to see THAT BAT SUIT geared up to fight Superman. I am predicting this fight happens just over a half way into the film, leaving the final third to create a bigger threat that set's up "Justice League". Don't forget the title of this is called "Dawn of Justice" so don't expect to go into this film with a clear resolution, there will be many unanswered questions and new problems  ready to be solved.

There has already been rumours and talk about the rest of the "Justice League" making appearances throughout this movie, whether it be by dialogue, referencing or in the flesh. Both Aquaman and The Flash are rumoured to have "Blink or you'll miss it" cameo's. Cyborg is apparently cast already and due for a scene or two and obviously Wonder Woman is pretty much the third name on the poster.
Don't expect to watch a film like any other Batman or even Superman movies you have seen before this. This film is ready to bring a new tone to the screen. One that has been evident in the comics but never fully put up on the big screen.


.....This is the start of something special in the DC Universe. We are finally going to see these iconic characters on screen together or at least share the same universe of films. With this trailer and all the buzz about "The Suicide Squad" the DC Movie-verse is looking pretty much on it's way to being something epic.

What do you think? Are you excited about this new path DC Movies is taking?

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