Monday, 10 August 2015

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Ark: Survival Evolved, Star Citizen, Star Wars & more! | #NOTplaying #89

On this week's show: Who won the Steam Summer Sale? When will the Star Citizen FPS module come out? How much awesome Star Wars stuff is coming out and how much of that will be in VR? All this and more on another news-packed #NOTplaying Podcast!

Steam Sale 'Results' (?) - Ark wins big

Star citizen FPS module delayed indefinitely just 'weeks away' apparently...

Jade Raymond starts new studio in Montreal to work on Amy Henning's new Star Wars Game for EA

Tatooine VR experience about to become available on Oculus share well as a seperate Star Wars app that lets you act out some key scenes from SW including one where you weild a lightsaber

VR @ Comic Con - First glimpse of W.O.W film will be in VR

Justin Lin 360 movie

Oculus are funding development of 2 dozen rift exclusives

Oculus buy hand sensing tech co.

Nolan North lets slip that Last of Us 2 is in the works...?

Vanishing of Ethan Carter out now on PS4 - enhanced UE4 PC version a few weeks away...

Beamdog announce new Baldur's Gate set between 1 & 2

Perception. Horror game using ecolocation.

Dead Island 2 loses it's developer

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