Saturday, 5 September 2015

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A Radio Show you should REELY be listening to | #RRS

Check out the Really Reel Show! A Brand NEW Radio show I podcast Just for YOU!!

Time to get REEL

So the other month I finally re-launched "The Really Reel Show" on Chelmsford Community Radio. It's a weekly "radio" show that I podcast for YOU to listen back to. After a year of having guest co-hosts, I managed to bag a permanent co-host in the shape of a good friend from the station "Emily Parker".

The two of us have come together to create the fabulous duo of #BarkerAndParker and each Saturday Night we sit down to talk "Movies", "Celebs" and More...

I Love doing this show, as I am a big fan of the chemistry and rapport we have built up over time. It is very different to #NOTlistening work I have been doing with Will and Ash and even the "NOT Soccer" Podcasts I did with Billy.

Check out the Videos

You can check out the Podcasts from ALL past and present #RRS shows here at Spreaker and also #iTunes and Stitcher.
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Latest Episode is HERE:

Here are the previous Episodes to listen to as well:

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Music written and Performed by Mat Frost

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