Wednesday, 30 September 2015

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Mary Poppins - Hathaway or Blunt? | #RRS

Really Reel Show : Hathaway or Blunt for Poppins!

Hathaway or Blunt?

In a Special "shorter" Episode of The Really Reel Show | Hathaway or Blunt for Poppins? | Adam and Emily recorded a short podcast discussing the news of a new Mary Poppins movie in the works.

Barker and Parker - Your Hosts

We discussed our picks for who should become the Nanny who was practically perfect in every way.

#ParkersChoice: ANNE HATHAWAY

#BarkersChoice: EMILY BLUNT

Also in this episode we manage to get through some #TwitterVIEWS from the likes of "Everest", "Irrational Man" and "A Walk in the Woods"

The reason for the shorter version of a podcast was because #Parker decided to do a special "Really Reel Show" Radio show featuring some of her favourite Movie Soundtracks and Scores.
You can listen to that here:

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Have a listen and keep to date with all the #RRS

The Really Reel Show is a weekly film and entertainment radio show presented by Adam Barker and Emily Parker (#BarkerAndParker) LIVE on Chelmsford Community Radio. Every Saturday Night 8pm UK Time.

This is a Podcast of the original show. All Ads and Licensed Music has been removed for podcast purposes. Extra content has been added for entertainment value.


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