Wednesday, 21 October 2015

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#BackToTheFutureDay - Don't be a Butt-Head! | #RRS

#Backtothefutureday and I did a radio show to celebrate!!

Why Don't you make like a Tree.....and Listen to the show?!

So Wednesday October 21st 2015!.....It arrived, like most dates do, and we all celebrated with our geekiness dedicated to the film series "Back to the Future!" particular Part 2, in which Marty and Doc travelled from 1985 to 2015.....on THIS DAY!

There was promise's of Flying Cars, Self Drying Clothes, Self Lacing Trainers, Jaws 19! and even Hoverboards. Unfortunately, not many of these came to fruition. Instead we were more accustomed to a future possible led by the Dark, Alternative Biff Timeline, which is far more depressing............BUT whatever, let's all suspend belief on that shit.

The Internet went crazy today and I even managed to get in on the action by hosting a TWO HOUR #RRS special based on "Back to the Future" on #CCR. I was able to talk about the film and also play some of the best songs from the home of Doc and Marty...1985!

So take a listen! Enjoy the Music and the random, interesting and informative chat about #BTTF.

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Have a listen and keep to date with all the #RRS

The Really Reel Show is a weekly film and entertainment radio show presented by Adam Barker and Emily Parker (#BarkerAndParker) LIVE on Chelmsford Community Radio. Every Saturday Night 8pm UK Time.

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