Monday, 19 October 2015

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Far Cry Primal, Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous & more... | #NOTplaying #99

This week's show kicks off with some crowd-funding stories of varying scope and success, including the cancellation of Allison Road's kickstarter campaign (albeit for a very good reason), Giants: Citizen Kabuto successor, First Wonder (the campaign for which has been cancelled since going to press) and of course, the golden goose of controversy that is Star Citizen. We also have some new games and release dates to talk about, including Ubisoft's surprise announcement of Far Cry: Primal, which will be arriving early next year. All this & more on another news-packed #NOTplaying Podcast!

Allison Road kickstarter cancelled. Team 17 will publish instead

First Wonder is a spirtual successor to Giants: Citizen Kabuto

Makers of Shadowrun Returns kickstarting new turn-based Battletech game

Escapist facing legal action over cloud imperium expose article

Squadron 42 Voice Cast announced

Game voice actors strike lead by Wil Wheaton, Steve Blum, and my beloved Jennifer Hale - has been authorised

Massive Elite Dangerous EGX Info Dump: Multi-crew ships, Player Avatars, SteamVR support all part of Season 2 Expansion

Firewatch is out 9th Feb 2016

Far Cry Primal out 23rd Feb 2016 on consoles, March for PC

Hitman delayed to 11th March 2016. Will have lots of DLC, but a cheaper launch price if you don't want all of it...

Playstation NOW launches in UK at £12.99 a month

Mass Effect theme park ride (wtf)

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