Wednesday, 14 October 2015

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Having Awkward Conversations about Matt Damon in Space | #RRS

Awkward conversations about Matt Damon in Space is OUT NOW,

They need to keep Matt Damon on a Leesh

Another week, Another Really Reel Show without Emily AKA #Parker AKA #SuperGirl....seriously she is the spitting image of her!..........Are you excited about the #SuperGirl TV Show?.....I am!.....then hopefully Emily will return.

So, This week I got Amy and Nick from "What the Pho" Podcast to talk films and more.

In this Episode | Awkward Conversations about Matt Damon in Space | we discuss Actors/Actresses that they have grown to love and grown to dislike.

Also we go a bit SPACE geek crazy by talking about "Interstellar" and "The Martian" whilst almost wondering why Matt Damon keeps getting lost in Hollywood Movies.

We also have a chat about why Amy hates Disney and thinks Mary Poppins is rude! and a little love for "Gone Girl" too.

Have a listen. Download the MP3 here:

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The Really Reel Show is a weekly film and entertainment radio show presented by Adam Barker and Emily Parker (#BarkerAndParker) LIVE on Chelmsford Community Radio. Every Saturday Night 8pm UK Time.

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