Tuesday, 20 October 2015

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It's a #Batman Special! Let's Get NUTS! | #RRS

We go #Batman Crazy with Curtis and talk #Gotham and the history of the Bat!

Wanna Get Nuts?....Let's Get Nuts!

It's Another week, Another Really Reel Show without Emily AKA #Parker AKA #SuperGirl....seriously she is the spitting image of her!..........Are you excited about the #SuperGirl TV Show?.....I am!.....then hopefully Emily will return. The New Show begins on Sky 1 on Thursday 29th of October! Hopefully Emily will be back on the show before then.....maybe next week?.....I hear she has a James Bond Special lined up!......I might take a break just to avoid her!

So, This week I got Curtis in to GEEK out about BATMAN!......Simple as that!

In this episode | Talking Kooky Batman Nipples in Gotham | we discuss Batman from the 1966 Adam West beginnings to The Burton Years, The Schumacher Years, The Nolan Year and finally The Batfleck years!

Hear us discuss Kooky Nipples, Keaton's Nuts, Schumacher's Tight Riddler suit, Nolan's arrogance and Afflecks ears!

It's a great show if you are a #Batman fan........if not.......you might want to simply listen and learn something.

ALSO at the end of the podcast we discuss the TV Show #Gotham and some of the recent developments!! (SPOILERS in the last 10 minutes of it.....There is your warning!)

Have a listen. Download the MP3 here:

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The Really Reel Show is a weekly film and entertainment radio show presented by Adam Barker and Emily Parker (#BarkerAndParker) LIVE on Chelmsford Community Radio. Every Saturday Night 8pm UK Time.

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