Monday, 26 October 2015

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#NOTplaying #100!

And so we finally reach it - our one hundredth episode. We had a few different ideas about what to do for this. We thought we might share with you our origins: how we all met and how we came to be doing this show. We thought about talking about our favourite games of all time. We scrapped that too. Why? Because the past is boring. It already happened and we spend far more time looking into the future on this podcast than we do looking back. So we figured why not try and predict what might happen over the next 100 episodes. Where will be in 2017? How much of a splash will VR have made by then? How many more Assassin's Creed games will there be by then and will Star Citizen actually be a coherent thing?

So here's to 100 #NOTplaying Podcasts and to many many more. On behalf of Rob, Iain, Patrick & Adam. Thank-you all for sticking with us!

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