Friday, 20 November 2015

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OCD in the Wasteland | Fallout 4 | #NOTplaying

I'm not clinically diagnosed with OCD, but I do worry about myself sometimes, especially after last night's first true experience of the 'freedom' of Fallout 4.

I'd just completed a fairly significant leg of the main campaign involving a particularly harrowing trek through some quite inhospitable area of the wasteland. I bring up my Pip Boy and activate all my objectives to see if there's anything on the way to the next main objective (this would all be a lot more colourful if I didn't want to spoil anything, but this is essentially how I play these games) and I realise one of the objective markers is where I'm standing. I hover over the waypoint and it tells me I need to deliver an item to a chap I met when I was last in central Boston.

Surely I must already have it then, I think, considering why the marker would be at my exact location. I look through my inventory and the only thing like it I can find are some items that I crafted using what must have been the raw materials this guy sent me to find and retrieve. Hell, I wouldn't even know about said item if he hadn't tipped me off. These materials are exceedingly rare it would seem. The last in the world. There's no way I'll be able to craft them or break down my created items to get the components again.

But there it is - the winking quest marker. What if I missed one? There were a whole bunch of them when I was there - I didn't even think about how rare they might be when I started using them as components for my mischievous creations. And yet the need to complete my objective fills me with the desire to double check. Off I go back to the location where I found said items and a frantic search begins.

The building in question is completely wrecked so it's like navigating a maze finding the exact place again and when I do I'm looking under cupboards, jumping onto worktops, searching desks and drawers. Nope. Nothing. Looks like I was more thorough than I thought.

So I'm going to have to live with that unfinished miscellaneous objective for the rest of my time in Fallout 4... to be honest though, I'm not sure the guy who sent me for the merchandise could really be trusted with it... I'll be putting it to much better use I'm sure...

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