Wednesday, 24 February 2016

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2016 Movie Preview inc. Batman V Superman, Star Wars, Star Trek, X-Men: Apocalypse & more! | #NOTwatching #89

OK. We're almost in March now. We Get it. We had to get all that 2015 business out of the way first though! And all those Oscar-bait movies out at the moment are arguably from last year anyway. There's Deadpool I guess - that's where we start pretty much, the first of many much anticipated superhero movies, albeit one that likely has more wit and charm in it's little finger than 2.5 po-faced hours of Batman Vs Superman. None of that matters anyway, because we have another Star Wars movie to look forward to again this Christmas. We aren't counting the days at all. Honest. All this & more on this extra-special 2016 #NOTwatching Preview Extravaganza!

The 2016 Movie Release Schedule

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