Monday, 29 February 2016

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Being Kayne (We're BACK!!) | #NOTlistening #201

We're BACK!! $ months Hiatus and we return with more Random Nonsense!! Ep.201 - Being Kayne!

After a 4 month break The #NOTlistening Podast is BACK!.....with a BANG.....kinda....
In this episode of #NOTlistening Adam, Will and Ash return to the mics and try to remember how to record a show. Will wants to discuss Kayne West's recent outbursts and tests us with a little QUOTE quiz that makes us all realise that Will and Kayne are the SAME person.......kinda

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Check it out. A NSFW (Not safe for Work) Podcast that will keep you entertained during your commute, work day, time alone on the toilet.

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