Monday, 5 September 2016

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No Man's Sky, Star Citizen, Prey, Quake Champions & more! | #NOTplaying #145

It's been a typically quiet couple of months on the news front this summer, recently though, we had Gamescom in Germany, where both Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen had a comprehensive presence. Then there was Quakecon in Texas where gameplay footage of both Quake Champions and Prey was revealed. Sony made the announcement of Playstation Now coming to PC and there was no way we were ever gonna #NOTmention all the controversy surrounding the now-released No Man's Sky - regardless of the fact we are all #NOTplaying it.

Elite Dangerous

Star Citizen - Gamescom Demo

No Man's Sky - the launch controversy - PC performance, Critical response etc...

PS Now coming to PC

Prey Gameplay Trailer

Quake Champions Gameplay Trailer

Vampyr Gameplay Walkthrough

That new Metal Gear Game...

The Witcher 3 tops the PC Gamer Top 100


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