Monday, 5 December 2016

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Pokemon Moon, No Man's Sky, a couple of very special announcements & more! | #NOTplaying #158

Marcus has got so into chasing down those fantastical beasts he's ended up buying a 2DS to play the latest installment of the epic franchise, Rob's persevering with Adr1ft and it seems to be paying off, No Man's Sky launched a new update and we have a couple of quite significant announcements that will change the show forever more. All this & more on a really quite momentous #NOTplaying Podcast!

Listen to "#158: Pokemon Moon, No Man's Sky, a couple of very special announcements & more!" on Spreaker.

Pokemon Moon


Oculus Touch Launch Window Line-up

No Man's Sky - Foundation Update

No Man's Sky - Cleared of Advertising allegation

Telltale's Marvel game is a Guardians of the Galaxy game

MASS-ive ME: Andromeda Info Dump

Next Hearthstone Expansion will be 'Means Streets of Gadgetzan'

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