Thursday, 26 January 2017

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Getting Fat watching LaLa Land during Oscar nonsense | #NOTsensical #001

Brand New Podcast! #NOTsensical Comedy Nonsense that makes No sense.

Getting Fat watching LaLa Land during Oscar nonsense | #NOTsensical

The #NOTsensical Podcast is a comedy podcast hosted by Adam (#NOTlistening Podcast) and Garrie (Chelmsford Comedian of the Year 2014) as they talk about all the nonsense things that have been going on in the world. If you want deep, meaningful discussions here........then you are out of luck.

This week we discuss Getting Fat, Ways to loose weight without actually doing anything, The Oscar nominations, LaLa Land, Trump and that "dam" wall, Garrie wants to be on a Quiz show, Perrie Edwards mid-riff and much more.

#NOTsensical is originally aired on Chelmsford Community Radio (CCR) 104.4FM every week, and this show is podcasted with adverts and music removed.
All views and opinions expressed in the show do not represent the views of CCR as a whole and are solely of the view of #NOTsensical.

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Featuring Regular Contributors Adam and Garrie

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