Thursday, 23 February 2017

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Dreaming of being a Mermaid who was also a Ghostbuster | #NOTsensical #004

The #NOTsensical Podcast is a comedy podcast hosted by Adam (#NOTlistening Podcast) and Garrie (Chelmsford Comedian of the Year 2014) as they talk about all the nonsense things that have been going on in the world. If you want deep, meaningful discussions here........then you are out of luck.


As of now YOU have lots of ways to get involved with #NOTsensical. You can listen to bite-size podcasts of the show, which include some of the funniest segments, chats and most (NON)sensical parts of the weekly radio show.....all minus the music and advertising.

So here is #004! a lovely commutable, bite-sized bit of nonsense to enjoy. This pod includes Adam and Garrie discussing dream jobs and how a lady from America decided to give up "life" and become a "mermaid"........We ask what dream jobs we could all do if there was no limits.

Radio Playback!
This week you get TWO listen backs to previous FULL shows.

If you want to hear the entire show from February 16th 2017 you can here:
This show consists of some music, chat about stand up comedy and #BeddingfieldBonanza

Also you can hear the entire show from February 23rd 2017 here:
This show features guest co-host Curtis as they discuss The Brits, Oscars, Breaking football news and more nonsense.

#NOTsensical is originally aired on Chelmsford Community Radio (CCR) 104.4FM every week, and this show is podcasted with adverts and music removed.
All views and opinions expressed in the show do not represent the views of CCR as a whole and are solely of the view of #NOTsensical.

Featuring Regular Contributors Adam and Garrie

The #NOTsensical Podcast

99% Pure Nonsense
24% No sense
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