Wednesday, 14 August 2019

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Waking from a Blogging Coma | #NOTblogging

Why did I stop blogging? I still don't know why i started!

What the fuck is blogging?

So, it's been a long while! Literally it's been years since I actively opened up this website/blog and actively had a good look at it or even thought about writing anything. Even though the posts have been consistent from #NOTwatching and #NOTplaying podcast posts (which in case you didn't know HAVE NOTHING to do with me creatively! Those awesome podcasts are the work of some people with in the #NOT family). With those posts aside, the last actual "podcast" I released was back in October 2018......even that was a podcast version of a radio show which I recorded back in 2017!!

If I actually go back to when I was actually actively writing or podcasting/radio presenting it's been 3 or 4 years!! That is insane to think I have not been very creative and productive with this website since 2015 in the main. I used to have regular posts coming out that ranged from comedy podcasts! Film reviews! Fake interviews with Gwyneth Paltrow and even plenty of fashion related posts that caused quite a stir with some other bloggers!!

To clarify i have NEVER met GPAL!

If I think as to why I seemed to have gone into some kind of blogging coma, I can only think that my personal life got neglected due to this world and I went on a downward spiral which took me a while to get out off!

"Oh Great! Another Mental Health Post?!"

Well, let's set it straight, maybe this is a post about mental health or maybe it's not! Maybe this an off the cuff post that i needed to write to give myself a boost in creativity, self care and mindfulness! Don't get me wrong, I don't expect people to care/worry/know about my life and circumstances and that is purely because those that know me, know me! This whole world of #NOTlistening and beyond was created for entertainment, fun, creativity and more. I never want that to change, I want that to always be the focal point. With all the podcasts (many still going #NOTwatching and #NOTplaying) archived and still available maybe they can find new listeners every day, which judging by the downloads is still a valid statement.

My blogging side of things blew up with the whole #Mashion and #Meauty world back in 2013-2015 where I was able to express my views on female fashion and beauty with comic tongue in cheek commentary. I managed to hit some nails right on the head whilst also completely missing the mark by miles. Regardless, this was always so much fun. I used this who topic to actually mask my interest and passion into make up and fashion! Something that years ago I joked about but over the past years I have grown to embrace and learn to openly talk about and share my love of!......Yes! I Love make up and fashion as much as the next woman! I don't believe that my gender needs to define my interests! Over the past year I have actually been doing an online make up artists course too! It's pretty obvious to say my gender identification needed looking into and my acceptance of how I see myself. I don't like labels! I am very fluid! I am comfortable. I enjoyed being part of the beauty bloggers community and hope I can maybe return back to writing more but with a more honest approach.

Anyway, I know I have changed so much within myself since my last conscious efforts to get creative with this blog. My personal well-being has improved and my mental health has really improved. I feel like I am ready to return to sharing my love of things with like-minded people. I had a strange few years where a certain person online used my online world to attack my choices and it really affected how I saw the way I presented myself online. It took me back and kind of killed part of my drive to share and collaborate and create. Only recently have I realised that my interests and life is not something for somebody to dictate and scrutinise when it's not hurting others nor is it affecting the geenral balance of the world. I truly believe that you need retrospective in these things and not allow the online world (including blogging/podcasting) to take over who you are. in 2019 I am older and slightly more aware of my choices and how I can best utilise them to influence my mood.

I am not going to lie, but the minute I started writing this blog post, I had no idea what I was going to write! Seriously, I have just allowed myself to just blurt out whatever I feel needs to be said. It's very therapeutic to just write your truth and this feels like that. Should I even post this? Why not! I am not looking for hits and likes, I just feel that maybe I owed some sort of explanation (not to specific people) in general to get things off my chest. Even now, I am not sure where and why all this came out but it feels good to write again!

I want to pick up where I left, but without the pressure of having to follow rules and guidelines! When I started podcasting I did it as a hobby and bit of fun, then it got more constructed and hard work. I want to find the balance of doing something fun with my mates and sharing creative ideas!

Thanks for reading this, whoever you are, I don't expect this to be a life changing post, many of you are probably skimming through it anyway, but I do appreciate the time you took to click the link and read. I will be back with more posts, maybe more podcasts and maybe more creative ideas to keep me happy.

I always say for people to be the best you!......even if you don't know who that you is, it's worth looking for.

I feel like I should sign this off with something wanky like "Peace Out" but that feels false. Maybe I'll just sign off this post with a quote to live by....

"I'm too drunk to taste this chicken"

A Random Photo of Bianca Del-Rio!......For no reason whatsoever!

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