Monday, 30 March 2020

How #NOT to Podcast with Adam and Garrie | #NOTlistening Podcast


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How #NOT to Podcast with Adam Garrie!
Don't call it a comeback?! Because it's not! Adam and Garrie return to the #NOTsensical routes of the #NOTlistening world. After a few years since being on the radio, they return to podcasting where you can swear (within reason) and talk nonsense without fear of LIVE listeners shutting down the station.

In this "Reboot"/"Re-imagining"/"Rehash" of what was once #NOTsensical is now..........a show with no's just a lesson in "How #NOT to podcast"........on #NOTlistening

Adam and Garrie return to the mics to discuss:
- New ideas and segments that don't make the cut
- The Laser Beam Podcast idea
- Plenty of free sound effects via a free app
- The Midriff Radio Memoirs!
- Creative Swears
- Listeners questions of sorts.

In the current climate and worldwide situation going on, this could bit of light relief that you might need. This podcast was recorded before the whole Coronavirus pandemic took hold, hence no mention of it during recording.....which is probably a nice thing.

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Check it out. A NSFW (Not safe for Work) Podcast that will keep you entertained during your commute, work day, time alone on the toilet or whatever you do when nobody is looking.

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Saturday, 28 March 2020

March Pandemic Madness inc. Days Gone, A Way Out, Final Fantasy VII & more! | #NOTplaying


It's been a while since we last posted an episode and to be honest we weren't expecting to be back with you so soon, but then a mutant plague got inflicted upon the world and we're all holed up in our various hobbit holes with not very much to do.

There's always gaming though and oh how very much we've fallen back on our erstwhile hobby of choice. We've been subscribing to various online services, re-embracing the art of co-op online multiplayer and finally getting to play some games that until recently seemed like nothing more than a pipedream - all in a desperate bid to stay sane during these most apocalyptic of times.

It's all hands on deck for a most unexpected #NOTplaying Podcast!

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Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Blah with.....Stephie Chapman the author of CALL ME, MAYBE | Blah Blah Land Podcast S1 05


Blah with.....Stephie Chapman the author of CALL ME, MAYBE

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Welcome to the podcast of "Blah Blah Land!" The podcast that celebrates people living their best life.

In this episode I sat down via skype with Author and Bass Player Stephie Chapman. I put a message out via twitter and instagram at the beginning of the year asking for new people to connect with and Stephie stepped up to the plate.
We "Brought the Blah" by discussing
- Her novel "Call Me Maybe" being out available to download
- How she came up with the idea for the story
- What she does to sustain her happiness in life
And much much more.

I always love connecting to new and creative people. We recorded this podcast a few months back, so we don't discuss anything to do with COVID-19 but we do discuss the trolling and negativity social media can have on our lives.

The story "Call Me, Maybe" is available via AMAZON and KOBO. Click the links to download and check out the story.
After the podcast I downloaded the book to my kindle and am currently half way through it, and I am happy to say, it's right up my street. Love it already! 

Follow Stephie on twitter and instagram too.

The subjects we touch upon, highlight where I envision the podcast to go moving forward. It is a relaxed discussion with opinions that might not always be shared between listeners but valid none the less. I want to maintain open and honest conversations where everyone involved feels a part of it and included.

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What would you like to see more of in future #Blahs?
What does Female Empowerment mean to YOU?
How and what do you do to ensure you maintain a level of happiness?

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