Wednesday, 19 August 2020

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Blah with....Patrick from WOWman | Blah Blah Land Podcast S2 E01


Blah with.....Patrick from WOWman

Welcome to the podcast of "Blah Blah Land!" The podcast that celebrates people living their best life.

Welcome to the podcast of "Blah Blah Land!" The podcast that celebrates people living their best life. This is SEASON 2! Post Lockdown episodes!!

In this episode I joined Patrick from "WOWman" via ZOOM! as we discussed..
- #Lockdown Fatigue
- Finding ways to stay happy during a pandemic
- The struggles of the beauty industry over the past 6 months
- Inspiring others through expression and finding your own happiness too
And more...
I enjoyed chatting to Patrick and have always found him very inviting and easy to chat to. He is inspiring and his own journey has helped several people along their own. As a make-up artist and someone who uses that art to express himself, he has helped inspired other people bring out their best versions of themselves possible, with more than simple contour or lipstick.

Check out some of the great links from Patrick:

Twitter: @WOWmanPatrick
Instagram: @WOWmanPatrick

Crossdressing in Lockdown with Patrick

Man Gains Confidence Using A Cross-Dressing Service | Me To She
The subjects we touch upon, highlight where I envision the podcast to go moving forward. It is a relaxed discussion with opinions that might not always be shared between listeners but valid none the less. I want to maintain open and honest conversations where everyone involved feels a part of it and included.

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What would you like to see more of in future #Blahs?
What does Female Empowerment mean to YOU?
How and what do you do to ensure you maintain a level of happiness?

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