Thursday, 1 October 2020

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Blah with.....Kelly McGibney | BlahBlahLand Podcast S2 E02

Welcome to the podcast of "Blah Blah Land!" The podcast that celebrates people living their best life. This is SEASON 2! Post Lockdown episodes!!


Blah with.....Kelly McGibney | S2 E02

Welcome to the podcast of "Blah Blah Land!" The podcast that celebrates people living their best life.

This is SEASON 2! Post Lockdown episodes!!

In this episode I was joined by the lovely and theatrical Kelly McGibney via ZOOM! as we discussed..
- The Summer heatwave
- Ways that the pandemic and lockdown affected her job decisions
- The struggles of the theatre and arts during the whole of COVID
- Not taking things for granted during lockdown
And more...
I have known Kelly for a good few years but this was the first time in a while we had a decent one on one chat, and my god, did I enjoy talking to her. I have always seen Kelly as someone who I admire thanks to her honest, real and motivating way of thinking and during these confusing and constricted times. Kelly has a passion of theatre and the arts and I truly understand her concerns for these types of jobs int he aftermath of COVID etc. Kelly has embraced the situation and looked at what she can do to get through this and come out the other side and it's truly inspiring.
Check out some of the great links from Kelly:

Instagram: @KellyTeruko
Twitter: @KellyTeruko

The subjects we touch upon, highlight where I envision the podcast to go moving forward. It is a relaxed discussion with opinions that might not always be shared between listeners but valid none the less. I want to maintain open and honest conversations where everyone involved feels a part of it and included.

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