Monday, 22 February 2021

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Indiana Jones & the Fate of Stadia, Star Wars, Bond & more!

We ended up ranting so much on our last recording that we thought we might as well break this more news-orientated chat into it's own thing. Hardly surprising considering these very early game announcements all concern IP dating back to our childhoods: IO interactive making a Bond game? Machine games making a Indiana Jones game? And Ubisoft making an open-world single player Star Wars game? If they can manage to succeed where EA failed, then surely gamers around the world can cry out in joy. Could the circle finally be complete? Listen on to hear what we think...

And in case you were wondering... Yes. Despite the games not exactly coming thick and fast for the foreseeable, we still seem to have enough earfood for you to go fortnightly again... at least while present conditions continue and we don't have to waste time on trains when we can be playing and talking about games instead.

Back in a couple of weeks with our thoughts on The Medium, Immortals Fenyx Rising & more!

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