Monday, 29 March 2021

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Next-gen VR on PS5, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2, Guilty Gear Strive & more! | #NOTplaying

Will might be in the midst of a between game slump, but his ears certainly pricked up upon news of Sony's next wave of VR tech, which we begrudgingly have to concede has been his call for the last 2 years or so of predictions we've run on this show.

Meanwhile Rob is utterly dismayed by the firing of Bloodlines 2 developer, Hardsuit Labs, spelling almost certain doom for the project in question, but was somewhat bouyed by the strategic depth of Gears Tactics and the sheer badassery of being Batman in Arkham VR, which he'd been putting off playing until he had enough space to swing a batarang around in.

And finally Marcus is the one landing on the cutting edge of gaming once again, with a return to his Capcom franchise of choice, for of course the Monster Hunter Rise demo landed recently. Since recording both(!) his copies of the full game have arrived, so you can be sure we'll be diving into that in more detail next time...

Until then, a quick apology for the quality of Rob's track this week. He hadn't quite gotten all the goblins out of his new headset at the time of recording and believe us when we say we paid for it when it came to editing his horribly distorted and squished contribution!

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