Thursday, 18 March 2021

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Wandavision & the future of Disney+ | #NOTwatching

We know it's taken a while to get an episode out this year, but we wanted to make sure we had something significant to discuss before we did. And it doesn't get much more significant than the first official MCU show on Disney+

Wandavision arrived in all it's retro-glory back in January and now the final episode has aired we can get into it spoilers an' all. There's also some chat about all the other Disney+ shows that got announced as part of THAT investor call just before Christmas.

So consider this your final warning. Fast forward to 25:00 if you want to skip the Wandavision Spoilers.

We'll be back soon with the best of the rest so far in 2021!

Listen to "Wandavision & the future of Disney+" on Spreaker.

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