Monday, 12 April 2021

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Cobra Kai, Star Trek Lower Decks, News of the World & more! | #NOTwatching

On this week's show we're picking over the carcass of what's actually managed to get released in 2021 so far, including the stunning third and fully netflix backed season of Cobra Kai, the also youtube-premium originated Wayne on Amazon Prime and the second insane season of M. Night Shyamalan's Servant on Apple TV+

There's also been a couple of decent enough movies out across the various streaming platforms that would have felt equally at home of the big screen, including Amazon Prime's Gerard Butler starring disasterpiece, Greenland and Paul Greengrass's new western, News of the World starring Tom Hanks.

So have no fear dear listeners, as sad as it is, there is much more to watch on TV than the life Story of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh RIP. :'(

Listen to "Cobra Kai, Star Trek Lower Decks, News of the World & more!" on Spreaker.

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