Friday, 18 June 2021

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E3 2021 inc. Starfield, Elden Ring, Avatar & more! | #NOTplaying

It's that time again, so buckle up babies as we go through our highlights of this year's slightly-more-organised-than-2020's-summer-of-games E3!

While this year's event may still have been virtual, fairly light on release dates and once again a sony-free zone, there were still some notable glimpses into our gaming future. Microsoft once again claiming a massive piece of the pie post their bethesda acquisition and lauding their enormous gamepass wand over nearly every game in sight, but there were also a few surprises from Ubisoft and Square in the form of some potentially lucrative licenses, namely Avatar & Guardians of the Galaxy! And of course, Devolver once again added some much needed satire & gore!

Listen on for more as well as some of the finer points not to mention a sprinkling of cautious optimism on this year's annual E3 extravaganza!

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