Saturday, 24 July 2021

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When was the Noughties? | Ep.1 - Millennium Bugs and Bleach | Podcast


When was the noughties?

Episode One - Millennium Bugs and Bleach | Podcast

The first in a series of retrospective podcasts centred around the decade that was "The Noughties!". From the year 2000 to 2009, it was a decade in between generations! The internet was as fresh as it could be alongside the rise in technology such as iPods, Phones with snake(!) and DVD players!. It was a decade of celeb culture and reality TV arrived with a new sense of who we suddenly called "celebs".

The noughties was a decade that didn't know it's place in the world and probably still doesn't. A decade that sparked a future generation and changed the landscape of a previous generation. People looked to the future and lapped up living in the new century, whilst old school attitudes were being replaced with "questioning" and "What if's". the decade of the "noughties!" was a very imperfect time in a very imperfect world.

Ok, that was deep, but I am only infatuated with this time purely because I lived it!...…and can't remember fuck all about it, without digging deep into it. A time that I spent 10 years growing up in and probably spent the majority of it working and drinking (Not at the same time of course) and just day dreaming through it...…I want to look back and wonder what the fuck happened.

In this, the very first episode, I sat down with good friend of mine Anna Johnston (AKA Miss Trout) and had a discussion about 

  • The Millennium! - Partying like it's literally 1999! and seeing in a new century/millennium! A Once in a lifetime thing!
  • The Dreaded Millennium Bug! - That crazy time when we all believed the world would simply end because computers are either too smart/stupid to do anything when it turned 00:00 and everything life apparently!
  • Big Brother - The birth of the Reality TV phenomenon! - More on that in future episodes indeed!
And more! Check out this first episode, where we set the stage and start the conversation. 
What do YOU remember from the "noughties"? Let me know!

You can listen to this podcast on several platforms:

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