Monday, 10 January 2022

Thank you for #NOTlistening | Letting Go

 Letting go....

A Message from Barker PODCasts.....

The past week, overcoming #Covid (I'm fine by the way, tiredness is the main problem), I have also started looking at things in my life that I feel like I had to let go of.
One of the main things I struggled to let go of was......#podcasting.
For many years, the past decade in-fact, I have always created and produced podcasts and blogs where I sat around chatting utter nonsense with friends.
What started as a bit of escapism turned into a good fun hobby with friends as we talked about anything from movies to celebs to science and more. With the whole #NOTlistening branding came lots of podcasts and spin offs, which I somehow managed to create buzz and a website from. I even managed to bag a radio show out of it, with no experience and just winging it as I went along……much like a lot of my life in general.
Basically I spent 2012-2016 living on twitter and online thinking I was the early adopter of podcasting and making a "name" for myself. I even created a podcasting network with other podcasts around the world (Well US, Canada, UK and Australia) this was a great networking experience where I was able to connect with other podcasters and create someone, although small, exciting. Remember the Pod Gods Network??! That was some great times! Also It allowed me time to have more podcasts on board ranging from #NOTlistening to MOVIEcomm to Ask an American to It's Not Soccer to #NOTsensical and even getting #NOTwatching and #NOTplaying on board with their podcasts from Rob Howard and team.

With the website I was able to blog too and even go viral a few times and start to mix it up with some influencers and up and coming movie people. Remember #Mashion and #Meauty?? That started something in me.......
What happened after 2016 involved career changing and family life, so the spark started to fade and I moved away. I was actually quite proud of myself for focusing on my working career at this time as it felt like I had started to work on certain growth for myself.
Over the next 5 years I tried to create a more branded style of podcasting and website with #Bringontheblah where I wanted to promote good wellbeing and happiness, something that is still very close to me as I was struggling with inner demons and identity.
Gone was the gobby loud mouth podcaster and in was a more sensitive and mindfulness filled podcaster .....but even then still not quite finding my feet and comfortable nature. I wanted to explore my own well-being but I wasn’t quite ready for that, quite yet.

So 2021.......I finally opened up as my true authentic self and started my transition from Male to Female! Finally I felt I could be me for the first time in my life!

Since transitioning the whole idea and persona of podcasting has gone. It feels like a past version of me and one I have (and needed to) let go of.
I had fun doing the shows and blogs throughout the year, but I feel like now is the right time to move on and let go of it all.
The podcasting hosting platform has expired and I am not picking it up again. The fact that it's been taken out of my hands makes it much easier to #LetGo and move on.

I like the idea of finding new passions and hobbies and interests going forward.
Podcaster life 2012 - 2022 its been a decade of self discovery and expression but its time to move on.....I'll probably become a Blogger soon anyway 😄 - I will let you know ;-)

I will be leaving this website up, but many of the podcasts will soon disappear but for nostalgia reasons I will leave many of the content up.

I hope one day we can re-connect again via a different platform.
Thanks for everyone who listened (or #NOTlistening) and supporting my little nonsensical rambles.


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