#NOTlistening to what we do...

So what is #NOTlistening? What is the point of all this #NOT stuff? Well.........well to be honest it is something we started and never stopped.

Welcome to the #NOTlistening website where you will find exciting(!) funny(!) entertaining(!) and exciting(!) podcasts, blog posts, videos and much much more.

The #NOTlistening Podcast was conceived from the ashes of The ODDcast PODcast UK when a re-branding occurred in the early months of 2014. The Podcast is a comedy podcast hosted by guys from Essex who can discuss anything from Movies to Science to Fact based banter to Random stories from their daily life.
The Podcast is a weekly half hour Independent Entertainment Show. Archiving hundreds of episodes and been through a variety of format changes, this podcast has finally found it's feet with #NOTlistening.

The #NOTlistening website began off the back of the podcast inception. As well as the audio goodness, there is plenty to offer here in written form. You can catch up with posts written,mostly,by Adam (@BarkerPODcasts)  as he ranges from film based articles, Lifestyle rambles and Pop Culture insights.
Also, this spawned....

#Mashion and #Meauty
The Male Perspective on the Female Blogging World of Fashion and Beauty. This extremely popular series of post have captured the imagination of many a reader, and helped pave the way to implementing the #NOTlistening brand into the world of the blogging community. A Light hearted, comedic and honest look into what female bloggers write about, but done with male's spin. This series has even spawned it's own YouTube Channel.

This is a podcast series that occurs a few times a month in the podcasting feed. With the usual hosts of Will, Ash and Adam,it boasts a "trivia" and "factual" format on certain topics. This comedy podcast format actually educates as well as entertains.

This is a podcast series where Adam goes at it alone to chat with guest of sorts. These guests can range from people in film, TV, music or simply somebody interesting or entertaining enough to sit down and podcast with.

#NOTwatching and #NOTplaying
These are spin off podcasts focusing on TV/Film News and The Video Game world hosted by Rob Howard. A decent addition to the #NOTlistening family that has it's own format, rules and hosts. Check them out.

This is the home to the podcasts for Adam's Radio Show "The Really Reel Show" on Chelmsford Community Radio. A Family Friendly Weekly Show which pits Adam up with an ever revolving stream of guest co hosts each week to discuss their favourite films and have a general chat.
*Chelmsford Community Radio is NOT affiliated with The #NOTlistening Name. The Really Reel Show is a creation by Host Adam Barker and all views and opinions are his own, and do not reflect the views and opinions of the station.